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Miami Aromatherapy has created a system that integrates clinical aromatherapy with today’s medical expertise to give staff and patients an optimal healing environment. For more information, or to request an interview, please contact our Director of Education.
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Areas Of Expertise

In 1998, in response to our hypothesis that the use of certain quality essential oils would produce similar results as two 15 minute chair massages per week, i.e. reduce Cortisol levels (the stress hormone), the Touch Research Institute of the University of Miami, School of Medicine, conducted its peer reviewed, published study confirming that the use of Miami Aromatherapy’s essential oils would enable a person to become more relaxed which enabled the person to perform a math test with not only more speed, but with more accuracy.
Having continuously studied and researched the art and science of aromatherapy and the properties of certain essential oils since 1994, being able to obtain quality essential oils from “Prized Locations” for relaxation and stress control, and knowing how environmental factors affect stress levels, Miami Aromatherapy is in the unique position to create a customized system for you or your staff.
Breach of safety protocols are caused by many factors, including sleep deprivation; environmental hazards, such as sick building syndrome; and increased stress levels. Because of the proven properties of certain quality essential oils, and our ability to obtain essential oils from “Prized Localities”, Miami Aromatherapy can address you or your staff’s concerns about these issues.
Research indicates that there is evidence that chronic stress impairs the immune system’s response to anti-inflammatory signals. Miami Aromatherapy’s goal is to provide an inexpensive, proven modality to assist you and your staff to control the effects of daily stressors to reduce the long term effects of chronic stress.