The literature reports that just as the scent of the fruit, Mandarin/Tangerine oil has a very delicate aroma. The names Mandarin and Tangerine are both used to describe the same oil, with a tendency to use the name Mandarin in Europe and Tangerine in America. It has been said that one key application of Tangerine is in treating digestive problems. This is because it has a tonic and stimulant effect on both the stomach and liver. It has also known to have a calming affect on the intestines. One of the safe oils which can be used during pregnancy, it has been used for the prevention of stretch – marks.


  • Citrus nobilis
  • Non-Commercial Grade
  • 10 ML
  • Tamper Evident Cap
  • Orifice Reducer
  • Glass Euro Bottle
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Antiseptic. Antispasmodic. Carminative. Digestive. Diuretic (mild). Laxative (mild). Sedative. Stimulant (digestive and lymphatic). Tonic.


Acne. Oily Skin. Scars. Spots. Stretch Marks. Toner.


Digestive Problems. Dyspepsia. Intestinal Problems. .


Insomnia. Nervous Tension. Restlessness.

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