The literature reports that Marjoram has a warm, penetrating and slightly peppery aroma. Its outstanding property is its warming action, both on the mind and the body. It is used as a steam inhalation and it is known to clear the chest and ease respiratory difficulties very quickly. It is a very good therapy for insomnia. Marjoram dilates the arteries and capillaries, which causes an increase in circulation and helps to carry away toxic wastes left in the muscle after heavy exercise, which in turn, reduces pain and stiffness. Its anti-spasmodic effect on the uterine muscle makes it a welcomed remedy for menstrual cramps. Psychologically, marjoram has a warming effect on the mental and emotional level. It’s warm, nutty perfume is rather more masculine than many of the oils that can help with sleeplessness, making it more acceptable with men who are unable to sleep, than some of the sweeter aromas.  


  • Origanum majorana
  • Non-Commercial Grade
  • 10 ML
  • Tamper Evident Cap
  • Orifice Reducer
  • Glass Euro Bottle



Analgesic. Anaphrodisiac. Anti-Oxidant. Antiseptic. Antispasmodic. Antiviral. Bactericidal. Cordial. Digestive. Diuretic. Emmenagogue. Expectorant. Fungicidal. Hypotensive. Laxative. Nervine. Sedative. Tonic. Vasodilator. Vulnerary.


Asthma. Bronchitis. Coughs.




Headache. Hypertension. Insomnia. Migraine. Nervous Tension. Stress.

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