Clary Sage


The literature reports that Clary Sage has a nutty aroma. It is enriching and relaxing, thus making it a wonderful choice for all kinds of stress and tension. Coupled with being very relaxing, Clary Sage is a powerful tonic and muscle relaxant. Since it is warming and antispasmodic, it has been known to help digestive problems, particularly cramps or griping colicky pains. Both gentle massage over the stomach and abdomen and hot compresses of Clary Sage are very comforting. It has been used to control excessive sweating. Clary Sage must not be used during pregnancy and should not be used while drinking alcohol.


  • Salvia sclarea
  • Non-Commercial Grade
  • 10 ML
  • Tamper Evident Cap
  • Orifice Reducer
  • Glass Euro Bottle



Anticonvulsive. Antidepressant. Antiseptic. Antispasmodic. Aphrodisiac. Astringent. Bactericidal. Deodorant. Digestive. Emmenagogue. Hypotensive. Nervine. Sedative. Tonic.


Acne. Boils. Dandruff. Hair Loss. Inflamed Conditions. Oily Skin. Oily Hair. Ulcers. Wrinkles.


Asthma. Throat Infections. Cough.


Colds. Fever. Flu. Infectious Disease.


Depression. Frigidity. Impotence. Migraine. Nervous Tension. Stress.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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